The power
of nature

power of nature is

Energy production can be


Croatian Green Energy is developing its own renewable energy projects.

In addition to that, CGE offers services that you can use in the development of your projects.

Systems that use

wind energy

Wind energy is one of the best sustainable ways to produce electricity.

We use the experience gained on our existing projects to improve the wind farm system.

We use the energy of

the sun

With the development of new technologies, the opportunity to use solar energy is growing every day.

Croatian Green Energy offers state-of-the-art innovative solutions for harnessing the potential of solar energy.

Top projects for

sustainable future

We are continually putting into operation new plants for the production of sustainable energy.

We work diligently on developing new projects for the production of electricity, concentrating on green development.

About us

Our team has been developing over 1 GW of renewable energy projects.

We contributed to a greener future with 530 MW of wind and 479 MW of solar covering over 1.000 acres of land. With a focus on green development, Croatian green energy Ltd provides a variety of services in connection with project development.

Our team

Ante Merčep


After graduating from the Faculty of Law, I gained experience in public administration for seven years. With a thorough understanding of local and governmental protocols, I began my career in business development, specifically renewable energy projects. A decade in the sector led me to partner with our chief strategist Marko Udiljak and create a company for a better, greener future. As a member of the Supervisory Board of EIA Renewable Energy Sources of Croatia, I specialize in property and legal relations, as well as environmental protection and project development processes.

As a catalyst for building a sustainable and safe world, I use my expertise to influence policy and market surroundings. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children!

Marko Udiljak

Founder & Strategist

Leading foreign investments in Croatia, consulting for global companies and individuals and realizing business opportunities has sharpened my focus only to realize that the world needs sustainability and out-of-the-box thinkers to make things better.

That’s us!

Marija Strojin

Office Manager,
Compliance & Performance tracking

As a specialist in compliance and performance tracking at a law firm, handling thousands of cases and managing employees, I was strongly influenced to pursue a career in project management.

The renewable energy sector met my desire to be better, do better, and give better to society.

Ana Sakač


Managing day-to-day operations and business coordination has been my life for the past ten years. Since my expertise is in business investment and development operations, I am pleased to play such an important role in green business at CGE Ltd.

I aspire to make a great impact on Croatian Green Energy Ltd through small steps taken today for a sustainable future.


Our team has experience with multiple development projects. Listed below are overall capacity, operating, ready-to-build and in development:

Fully operating: 186 MW
RTB: 84 MW
Developing: 740 MW
Planned: 200 MW


Croatian Green Energy Ltd will lead you through every phase of the project life cycle, from initiation and planning, to execution and closing.

Together with our partners and consultants, we cover all aspects of development:

1. Surveys and start-up idea planning
2. Concept designing and feasibility
3. Environmental protection
4. Grid connection
5. Authorities’ consents, approvals, conditioning
6. Main designing and permit obtaining
7. Construction planning
8. Construction support

If you need any additional support, custom services or any boutique arrangements, contact us!

Zagreb office: Nova Ves 40
Dugopolje office: Ulica Matice hrvatske 4

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